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Cure your hemorrhoids with Formule H

  • Scar over and strengthen your hemorrhoidal veins

  • Get rid of the pains, itching and bleeding from your hemorrhoids

  • Treat your hemorrhoids from the inside, with proven ingredients

Free yourself from the stress of your hemorrhoids

Imagine a life without hemorrhoids… A life without pain, without itching, without bleeding…

But go to a doctor, and all they’ll recommend is to eat more fiber, drink more water or, the classic, don’t push when you go to the bathroom.

But this generally doesn’t help…

It’s by curing your hemorrhoids that you can go back to living a normal life in peace.

Formule H has been specially designed to repair, scar over and protect hemorrhoidal veins.

It provides your body with the extra nutrients it needs to cure your hemorrhoids from the inside.

What makes Formule H so effective?

Made in France, in a laboratory meeting the latest efficacy and purity standards (ISO 22000) and certified organic in France (AG certification), this is an all-in-one hemorrhoid solution. .

Each ingredient has been chosen based off the latest scientific research and clinical data available.

By taking your Formule H capsules, you give your body all the essential nutrients it needs to repair, heal and strengthen the hemorrhoidal veins that are causing you pain. 

Click here to see the complete list of Formule H© ingredients

Start treating your hemorrhoids as soon as possible…

What our clients have to say about Formule H…

I stumbled across your site by chance and, even if I didn’t believe it that much, (I have been suffering from hemorrhoids for many years and I’ve already tried tons of different treatments), I took my chances.

And now I can say I’m happy I did!

I’ve been taking Formule H for barely five weeks now, and my hemorrhoids have gone down by half, there’s almost no more bleeding, and my pain is less than before.

I will not hesitate to recommend your product to others.


Roger V.

I’ve been doing this treatment for the past six months. It’s very effective:

Today, pain has severely decreased.

– Before, inflammation would keep me awake at night. So I would use Aloe Vera to soothe it momentarily so I could go back to sleep.

– The burning sensations stopped me from sitting correctly for hours at a time after a bowl movement. This would often happen after temporary constipation.

But it’s better today. I no longer feel any pain. Formule H was perfect for me.

So I will KEEP ordering this product immediately !


A. Baldé


I bought the complete treatment 15 days ago and received my capsules last Friday.

I had a burning sensation before; going to the bathroom became unbearable. In my everyday life, I never knew which position to rest in: sitting down, standing up, laying down … Nothing worked.
Even medical treatment didn’t help me.

Since I’ve been taking Formule H capsules, I no longer have that burning sensation. Going to the bathroom is no longer an ordeal. The pain has finally gone down, even disappeared almost, and I’ve only been taking the treatment for a week.

The results are unquestionable. So I’ll keep up with my treatment and hope they go away for good!


Where can we deliver your order?

In a few days, you receive your complete treatment of Formule H, and can begin healing your hemorrhoids and getting rid of the pains, irritation and bleedings that have been keeping you prisoner.

We deliver all over the world. Our packages are sent quickly, in a discrete envelope, directly to your home. All you have to do is order the number of months of treatment you need, and we take care of the rest.

Your satisfaction is our top priority…

We have hundreds of satisfied customers, who now live a life free of hemorrhoids. And we are certain that you will soon become one of them.

But just in case, we offer a 30-day complete satisfaction guarantee or your money back, so you can make your purchase with total peace of mind.

Order Formule H to cure your hemorrhoids as soon as possible…

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